• Gender: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: March 3rd

Professional Status :

  • Affiliation: Special Fire Force Company 5
  • Rank: Captain

Hibana (火華, Hibana), better known as Princess Hibana (プリンセス火華, Purinsesu Hibana), is a Third Generation pyrokinetic and Captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5.

Hibana’s initially portrayed as a deceptive and somewhat sadistic person, having a twisted personality, and she enjoys inflicting pain upon Infernals she captures for research. She takes her rank as Captain really seriously, and she doesn’t hesitate to remind lower-ranked members of their place. She also has a sovereign-like complex, which she typically expresses towards men under her command.

She manipulates people using her charm and beauty to get her way, while she’s also being a dominant and controlling person who thinks of others as insignificant; by going as far as using her own comrades as stepping-stones from her throne.

Hibana’s highly ambitious, she wishes to gather as much data on Infernals as she can, and unravel their secrets, but she also recognizes its value as leverage, using it to gain her current position, and improve her standing. In her own words, she saw the evils of the world and thought that in order to combat them effectively, she needed to become that evil she was fighting.