Akitaru Ōbi

Akitaru Ōbi

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight: 108 kg
  • Birthday: March 27th (Aries)
  • Blood Type: B

Professional Status :

  • Affiliation: 8th Special Fire Brigade
  • Rank: Batallion Commander

Akitaru Ōbi (秋樽桜備, Akitaru Ōbi) is the Captain of Tokyo’s Special Fire Force Company 8.

Akitaru is a courageous individual, able to face Infernals and ability-users without fear. Despite lacking an Ignition Ability and fearing death, he believes that he cannot afford to flinch or hesitate because of his responsibility to his team-mate. Akitaru greatly believes injustice. He doesn’t tolerate evil-doers and finds it very significant to himself that whoever is causing trouble in the world be stopped.

Having a highly ethical attitude, Akitaru has a very nonchalant perspective of things and isn’t bothered by matters that would usually annoy the average commander. Despite this, Akitaru can be angered by people who disrespect the feelings of the bereaved, even if they are his own followers.

Akitaru views the cleansing of Infernals as an act of murder, even though it is required. As such, he feels that a fire soldier should always consider the feelings of those close to a victim of Spontaneous Human Combustion and minimize their suffering in any way possible. He will also lose his temper if Company 8’s hijinks go too far, sternly telling Hinawa if his outfit is too unprofessional and yelling at the younger members of the Company if they show a lack of respect for the chain of command.